Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Introducing the daily card project

When Elise wrote out her business story this fall, I discovered her old daily card project and was inspired enough to buy a deck of playing cards, thinking they would be fun to play with someday. I figured I'd decorate a card a week, or when I felt like it, or something else that seemed manageable. 

During a crazy fall, I mostly forgot about the cards until I heard Elise's podcast with Crystal Moody. In 2014, Crystal embarked on a year of creative habits, making a drawing a day and sharing it on her blog and Instagram. I definitely recommend listening to the podcast, but the main takeaways were that quantity leads to quality and creativity breeds more creativity. 

I fell in love with the idea of daily creativity and decided to "make something every day" in 2015 and quickly thought "why not a card?" I think it was a good call. "Do something creative every day" is vague and I know I would have been tempted to bend the rules as to what counted as creative. (Making boxed macaroni and cheese is still making something.) It's a case where having structure, rules, and limits can make you more creative.  Too many options and you freeze up.

I made a card on January 1, thinking I should cover my bases for anything I might want to do every day this year. (I also went for a run, took a photo, and wrote in my journal). And I have not missed a day since then. About mid-January, the excitement of starting something new wore off a bit and I realized how many cards stood between me and the end of the year -- but I kept it up. (The first couple weeks of cards are pictured).

And so far I am in love with this project. I am hoping it really will make me more creative. I go through phases when I have a ton of ideas - phrases, reflections, etc. - playing around in my head, and others where I am mainly thinking about what I am going to eat for dinner. I am hoping to tip the balance towards the former.

I'll be back next week with more card photos and more thoughts on daily creativity.


  1. Those are all awesome! I've been doing a "do something creative everyday" challenge since October. I count sewing, scrapbooking, needle point, card marking, and even baking as creative. Sometimes I am a little liberal with what I count, but oh well. I think having a structured thing to make is a good idea. The cards will be fun to look back on. I find the best part is taking the time everyday to do something you like and enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Lauren! Totally cool that you are doing something creative every day and succeeding in mixing it up! And yes, I'm really liking that I "have" to sit down and make a card every day. It means I get to carve out a few minutes for myself on even the busiest days, and I always feel reinvigorated when I'm done.

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    1. Thanks Caylee! I'm super flattered - I love your stuff!