Monday, February 23, 2015

Get Messy Season of Love (Week Two, Part One)

When I was about 10, I wrote out a bunch of lists in a notebook - things I wanted to be when I grew up, favorite books, stuff like that. One of them was a list of my favorite things, which I remember included reading, bouncy balls, coffee ice cream, and the color aqua. I got to the end of the list and thought "Hey, I'm pretty interesting!" Because what could possibly be more interesting than those? ;)

The 100 things challenge for this week's Get Messy prompt was like a grown-up equivalent of that. Pretty fun to make a list of all the stuff I love that, deep or superficial, contribute to making me who I am. I may or may not have included ten separate entries related to Mexican food. And the photos make it clear that my favorite things are plants, food, and alcohol.
The light-hearted topic seemed to call for something colorful and photo-heavy. Thus far, my art journaling style seems to be a bit scrapbooky, clean and with lots of photos. I didn't draw on either of the art prompts this week because I don't have a sewing machine and the e.e. cummings poems (which I love) didn't quite fit with what I had in mind. But I'm excited to use the prompts to stretch out of my art journaling comfort zone going forward.

     I couldn't fit all 100 things on the spread, so I included some overflow on the next page to make sure I got everything down. (I'm at 95, still ruminating on the last five). I actually finished the pages for the "people you love" prompt as well, but not until the sun had set, so I'll post that later this week. This is too much fun - excited to keep up with the group.


  1. I love your colourful circles here and your zest for life. I also love plants, Mexican food and the colour aqua! Your watercolour-wash on the over-flow pages is so pretty too :)

    1. Thanks so much, Rebecca! And hurray for all those things! The watercolor wash page is the start of my pages for the "people" prompt - hoping to share the rest later this week. :)