Thursday, February 26, 2015

Get Messy public link-up: February

Full disclosure, I had the idea for this spread before the public link-up prompt went out. The prompt was What is the one thing you most want your children (real or imaginary) to know about love?

I was thinking about the e.e. cummings prompt from last week and how much I love this poem. But these words don't exactly ring true for me. Because I like my body all (or almost all) of the time, not just when seen through the mirror of another person. I am lucky to never have seriously struggled with body image issues (and I truly think it is luck rather than strength of character or anything like that, and I have so much compassion for those who do struggle). And I appreciate my body even more nowadays. Bar Method shows me day after day that strong, healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes, including mine. So the "when it is with your body" is crossed out (kind of hard to tell here since it's in gold paint).

I realized along the way that this idea fits perfectly with the prompt. Because above all, what I want to impart to my future children is how to be comfortable in their own skin and in their own heads. To love themselves first before sharing that love with anyone else.


  1. I love this page - such a valuable message for anyone! And what you said about luck versus strength of character really resonates with me... I have nothing but respect for people who are faced with body image struggles, and thank my lucky stars that most days, I can live with the body I've been dealt.

    1. Thanks so much, Delaney! I was nervous when I wrote that that it could come off the wrong way (body image is such a tricky subject), so I'm really glad it resonates. :)