Monday, August 24, 2015

My 100th post

Hurray for my 100th post!

Until around this time last year, I posted a handful of times a year when a really good idea struck me. I always had the idea that one day I would get the blog looking good - not like a janky Blogger creation with a too-long and too-earnest url that I picked at 22 - and THEN I would blog regularly. I would have a Blog and be worthy to go by the name of Blogger.

But I have always more interested in writing posts than in figuring out how to code. So one day I decided to just start, and I got into a pattern of writing more regularly, and as I wrote more I made little tweaks to make my online space more functional and more presentable, so it felt less and less embarrassing to share. Which is sort of the whole point of blogging to begin with.

The design is still a work in progress, and on the magical day that I have more time - or, more accurately, fewer competing priorities - I'd love to spiff it up a bit more. But I like what I've got going here - and I love having words and photos documenting my thoughts, ideas, and creative projects over the past year.

And as with the daily cards, I like having the writing practice in place and emphasizing quantity over quality. I like the process of polishing my writing until it's good, if not perfect, and then hitting publish instead of obsessing for hours over minor phrasing details. Sometimes the results are good, sometimes they're meh - and hopefully the truly terrible stuff is deleted at the drafts stage.

Thank you so much for visiting - whether you're a regular reader or you've just clicked through from another blog's comments section, hoping to procrastinate in the Internet rabbit hole a few minutes longer. It is too cool to have people interested in reading what I have to share.

Photos from a classic summer weekend of farmers market, coffee date, pool.

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