Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The daily card, week 7: Lilly Pulitzer edition

Lots of pink and green this week- which will never not remind me of the Lilly Pulitzer patterns I coveted as a teenager. The theme was unintentional but I'm liking the look (and apparently craving spring). I'm also enjoying using leftover paper scraps from my art journaling projects on the cards- I don't know if it's a lazy shortcut, an urge to conserve, or creative genius. :)

The heart card looks a bit more emo than I intended, but I like it. After unsuccessfully flipping through a couple magazines looking for a heart picture, I decided to draw my own based on a line drawing I found on the Internet. It made me think that I'd like to incorporate some more drawing practice into this year-long creative challenge. Making a card every day is definitely getting the creative juices flowing, but I don't know that it's improving my technical prowess, so it would be fun to bring that in. It is so cool to see the drawing progress that Crystal Moody made over the course of her original #yearofcreativehabits.

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