Sunday, March 1, 2015

Get Messy Season of Love (Week Two, Part Two)

After finishing part one, I was in the mode of printing, stamping, and cropping photos, so I continued in a similar vein for this one. This time, I kept the photos rectangular for a snapshot effect. I made them black and white to keep them from competing with each other and turned to the backgrounds for color. Super simple but I love the graphic black text over the watercolor wash. The pages in the Moleskine cahier notebook I'm using are pretty thin, but they held the watercolor well enough for my purposes. I may switch to something thicker though if I keep finding I want to paint.

For the journaling, in the spirit of the "100 people" prompt, I went for quantity and wrote about all the people I've loved at different phases in my life. (Only a small percentage of whom are pictured here.) Pretty cool that once you start thinking about people you love it takes a while to run out.  

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