Sunday, September 21, 2014

The kitchen and the cosmos

Austin and I have been watching Cosmos lately and it is amazing. I love having Neil DeGrasse Tyson explain the universe to me. I love that he is both an accomplished scientist and a powerful communicator. (And it makes me want to be an astrophysicist.) I love the blend of science and poetry and imagination and wonder (he says things like "we are made of star-stuff.") I love that he is matter-of-fact about evolution – he makes no apologies for science. After a long day, it's nice to kick back, listen to Neil, and remember how small I am and how amazing the universe really is. 

We have had a fruit fly problem lately, probably since we've left some of our fruits and veggies from the CSA out on the counter. Austin set an apple cider vinegar trap in a wine glass and caught a bunch – there is photographic evidence that I will not share here – but now they're back and bigger than before, and the traps are not working. Our theory is that the hedonist fruit flies drowned and the fruit flies who aren't tempted by vinegar survived and reproduced, and now the mecha fruit flies are running the show. We have created dozens of tiny monsters. So we do not need Neil DeGrasse Tyson to prove to us that evolution is for real.

(Update: Austin's new theory is that the surviving fruit flies are actually gnats, and we have a second insect infestation on our hands. So we can add that to our list of reasons to be glad we are leaving we will move to where the gnats can't find us!)

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