Thursday, October 9, 2014

The move

Austin indulged me in an empty apartment photo shoot.
This apartment saw a burglary, a flood, a trip to the hospital and the urgent care (both Austin on two separate occasions), four jobs, two international trips, our 25th birthdays, thirteen weeks of CSA pictures, and many many Chrome-casted episodes of Netflix.

And now we are headed off (to a basement apartment two blocks away). It has been a good (and fast!) year. September is always going to feel like the start of the year for me. It's back-to-school. It's where I start from when I count how many years it's been since I graduated college. It's when I hit my work anniversary (has it been two years already?) And it's when our year-long leases end, meaning it's time for a fresh start, ready or not. Here's to a new school year - time to make it a good one.

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