Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The daily card, week 10

I have been trying to use this project to experiment with new techniques, and there are some fun ones this week. I cut the "let it go" out of a calendar page and backed it with turquoise paper - sort of a poor woman's die cut. (I am only realizing now that it would have been easier, and looked exactly the same, if I cut out the letters and backed them with the calendar page.) On the second one, I used a paper snowflake as a mask and misted on top of it. You can't really tell it's a snowflake but I like the effect all the same.

But my very favorites are the "date night" card and the "second-to-last thing" card. (If there's one thing I remember about Bar Method in the distant future, when my love affair with it has ended, it will be hearing the instructor promise "It's the second-to-last thing." It's how you know to hang on tight and keep lifting your leg or bobbing up and down because you're so close to the end of the set.) They are light and playful and a good reminder that ART can be FUN. And the colors this week just scream "springtime" to me.

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