Monday, March 30, 2015

My latest inspiration

A couple weeks ago, I went to a fundraiser for the neighborhood elementary school where a friend of mine is a teacher. It was a silent auction of artwork created by the students. The workday had been kind of blah, and a dose of art and community was an excellent evening pick-me-up. Loved that local businesses contributed food, that our city councilwoman made a donation, and that school parents organized the whole thing. It made me oddly excited to have kids and to join the PTA. (Not anytime soon, of course.)

I got a little carried away when submitting bids - I think because I was imagining myself as a wealthy philanthropist/art collector/pillar of the community. I ended up walking away with two new pieces of art - a bird of paradise painting done by the school art teacher and a pirate ship by a student.

But I quickly remembered that my walls are pretty full and I couldn't think of where this art would actually fit in my apartment - especially because it is sort of weird to have art created by a child you do not know? - until I remembered the top of my fabulous new desk hutch. So I've now got an inspiration wall ledge going on top of my desk. I love how the two pieces look together and the accidentally coordinating blue/orange/red color scheme.

Most of all, it seems so appropriate to have student artwork hanging above my creative space. It reminds me to, like a kid, keep making stuff for the fun of it (or because it is a school assignment), regardless of how good it is. It also recalls the inspiration behind Crystal Moody's year of creative habits - she saw her daughter getting better and better at drawing as her pages stacked up. And the teacher's artwork is an inspiring reminder to make time for art and creativity and exploration in addition to putting your best foot forward at your day job.

Love it.

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