Monday, June 25, 2018

27 favorite moments

Oh man. Coming up on my 29th birthday in a few weeks which means it's high time to post my favorite memories of year 27. I jot these down every few months throughout my birthday year, but am terrible about posting them. So without further ado:

Hitting three countries in one day (USVI, BVI, and French West Indies - we are island-hopping in the Caribbean) and getting a new passport stamp to celebrate my 27th birthday

Sundowners at Le Shambala and dinner at Le Tastevin on St. Martin to officially celebrate my birthday

Daily kayak adventures with Austin during our week in St. Michaels

Drinking cocktails out of a pail and suspecting we were in for a fun evening at Eve and Matt's wedding

When the live band pulled off Nicki Minaj's Starships and knowing for sure we were in for a fun evening

Watching Outlander, drinking gin and juice, and eating Magnum bars on Friday evenings in Gaziantep

Rolling the dice for a D&D-themed cocktail experience at Parla after a blustery ferry ride in Boston Harbor

The moment I stepped off camera after leading my first training session via Google Hangouts in Gaziantep

When I realized that I was successfully navigating an 8km solo hike in Cyprus and I felt 22 again

Watching the Countdown Cod drop on First Night in Chatham with Austin

Stepping off Metro onto the platform and being immediately surrounded by Women's Marchers (probably the only time Metro has figured into someone's favorite moments)

Stepping off the T to Harvard Square turned into a frozen wasteland in February (probably the only time the T has figured into someone's favorite moments)

Hitting the highways for a Turkish road trip and then accidentally crashing a Kurdish wedding

Learning I had gotten into HKS in my Gaziantep apartment

Seeing Chevrel and Alan (my host parents from my very first WWOOF site in Turkey in 2012) in Istanbul because of the craziest coincidence ever

Sneaking on board a whale-watching excursion in the nick of time - and then following a family of whales the entire time

Eating breakfast and drinking fantastic coffee with my family on the slopes of a volcano

Keeping my cousin's kids entertained for hours making sandballs

Celebrating Mothers Day with multiple bottles of wine in the sunshine at Rocklands Farm

Skipping the liturgy in favor of drinking champagne and taking photos of ourselves for our ten-year high school reunion

The first time I held the first baby among my group of friends

Feeling the love of colleagues past and present during a MENA meeting trivia about my time at NDI

Listening to a live rendition of "Landslide" in a Mississippi dive bar

Jumping into the pool after working in the fields in Provence

Successfully carrying on a conversation in French with a saxophonist at a concert-apéritif about French and American politics

Flying down the hills of Beaujolais on a bike

Seeing the sunset over the Erg Chebbi dunes on the last day of 27 and feeling totally content and ready for what's next

See also: 26 favorite moments and 25 favorite moments. Photo is from the day before my 28th birthday.


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