Monday, October 10, 2016

Fun facts

Sometimes I wish I started blogging in the olden days of the Internet, when people tagged each other in interviews and questionnaires and everyone shared their personal quirks. So I'm throwing it back to 2008 and sharing some fun facts.

1. I appear to be through the season of horrible lower back pain that was aggravated by jumping for this picture and I am so relieved that that wasn't the start of a lifetime of deteriorating health.

2. The most important decision when packing for trips and vacations, in my view, is what books to bring. The idea that I might not have enough reading material, or books appropriately themed to the destination, on a trip makes my palms sweaty.

3. I have my debit card number memorized. But also my library card number and my passport number (edit: at least before I had to renew it). So hopefully that balances out.

4. When I was a kid, I would count stairs going up and down, and plan it so I would always end on the right foot. (If there's an even number of stairs you have to start on the left foot; if it's odd you start on the right.) I wrote about this in one of those mandatory journal exercises in eighth grade and my (no doubt well-meaning) teacher suggested I get screened for OCD. I walked through the world like a normal person for about ten years - until I got a Fitbit and started counting steps all over again.

5. Two things that separate me from the rest of my generation - I like Lena Dunham and I do not like getting guacamole with my Chipotle.

6. It seems like 99% of bloggers describe themselves as "planners" and "type-A." I think those are excellent qualities, and when everyone describes themselves a certain way it's easy to think that you fit the description too. But while I am very effective at getting things done, planning is not my strong suit, if I'm being honest. I can fill out a planner with the best of them but rarely do so in advance.

7. My biggest pet peeve is when I'm eavesdropping on a conversation, but one person is speaking much louder than the other and so I can only hear one side. I don't know what bothers me more: the impression that one person is dominating the conversation, or the fact that I can't get a full picture of what they're talking about.

8. I lead a charmed life. In a check-your-privilege, #blessed sense, for sure, but also in the sense that flights I'm running late for are inevitably delayed, and I always get chosen off the standby list, and things that really shouldn't have worked out in my favor often do.

9. I have a very long attention span for things I am interested in. This is great for staying focused on a task, but not great if you are at a museum with me.

10. I do my best blogging when I'm procrastinating on something else. (Doesn't everyone?) 

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