Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The daily card, week 43

Eek... I had better keep up with posting these or I will still be sharing this year's cards well into next year. In some ways, this project has faded into the background. I don't really think much about it (until it's time to post here, of course). It's just a part of my routine. So it's going to be weird that in less than eight weeks I won't be doing it anymore.

There are some things that aren't so much a part of my public identity, in the way that gardening is, but more something that makes me feel like myself. The daily cards do that for me. Bar Method does that for me. On a good day, running does that for me. Walking around my neighborhood and listening to podcasts, reading before bed, do that for me for sure. It is like an internal touchstone. It is a reset position. It's not something I talk about much. Despite the fact that I'm sharing here, this project is really just for me.

When life gets busy, as it is at the moment, it's tempting to want to jettison this project to have more time for Things That Need to Get Done. But I've found that when life gets busy is when I most need this, to keep me in touch with who I am and to help me find the calm center underneath it all. In times like this, I am so glad that I made this commitment to myself.

As a creative challenge, I am decorating a playing card every day in 2015. More context on this project is here and you can see all past card posts here.

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