Tuesday, August 25, 2015

30 Lists blog hop

Hello to anyone from the 30 Lists blog hop, and thanks for stopping by! This is my take on a pre-season list. As you'll discover if you poke around, I've been doing a yearlong creative challenge where I decorate a playing card every day (more here) - so I figured I'd play along and use a list prompt to inspire my card tonight. I'm excited for the September challenge - I think it'll be a nice creative jumpstart for back-to-school season.


  1. Wow your card is awesome! So cool! Did you paste and tear to get that effect? Love it!
    Can't wait to see more of your lists in Sept!

    1. Thanks, Yin! And yes, it's torn paper from a couple magazines pasted on white cardstock. I'm looking forward to playing along in September!

  2. Love the journaling in the tears! Very cool.

  3. This is an awesome take on the list. Very cool process!