Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The daily card, week 19

I realize this blog has turned into the daily card show - I am looking forward to getting back and mixing it up a bit more. I have actually started a few drafts here and there, and I have started blogging in my head (which I guess is the modern-day equivalent of thinking thoughts that you might write in your diary later?) Feeling the itch to blog even when I've signed off from an "editorial calendar" has been a good self-check that this is something I want to be doing - it feels enjoyable and organic.

This was a weird week - I had just about eight days in DC between Mauritania/Texas and Guatemala/Belize/Mexico. So I felt a bit discombobulated and "in between." I had the full use of my crafting supplies but almost preferred to stick with the limited stash in my travel kit since I still felt very much in travel mode.

Favorites this week are the cards for May 15 and May 16 when, in the middle of my short week at home, I headed out to Maryland's Eastern Shore to run my first 10k with my friends. In keeping with the location, the background images are from a calendar put out by the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. I love how they capture the before-the-race feeling of taking a big leap and the peace and satisfaction that followed.

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