Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The daily card, week 6

Hurray for week 6! I like this week. Lots of orange and turquoise and not having a plan until I sat down at the craft table.

We took a trip to Charlottesville and Richmond for the long weekend, so I put together a little travel kit. While in Virginia, I did a series of mountains in three media (magazine clipping, watercolor, paper cutout).  It was great for keeping things simple while traveling while capturing the feel of the trip. I think this will also be a handy trick when I'm out of ideas -- playing with the same concept in different media.

The "this is an adventure" card makes me smile. It's a favorite quote from Life Aquatic that popped into my head when I sat down to throw a card together after a late night of last minute planning and airbnb-browsing for Virginia. I flipped through my stack of old National Geographics looking for an underwater scene, and instead found this photo of Mallory's 1924 Everest expedition. Just as when Steve Zissou makes the declaration in the movie, I love the wry contrast between the chirpy phrase and the knowledge that the adventure is probably doomed. 

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